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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 15)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 158)

1. PCs are dead to me. Dead. Some of you may have noticed that I have been a little light in my posting lately. Well, before it was even a year old, my HP computer started blue screening. After taking my computer to Best Buy (also dead to me), I was informed that they didn't know what was wrong with it, but that it definitely, definitely, wasn't something that would be under warranty. How do they know this, I asked, when the problem wasn't identified? After a brief pause, I was assured that they know and it was all highly technical. BUT, for $200 they could find out what the problem was and fix it...maybe. (This is a $400 computer by the way.) SO... I am working with a local computer repair business and looking into getting a Mac Mini. Does anyone have any experience with these? Other suggestions? This is the third PC that has gone feral on me in a very short time period.


2. On a happier note, Eddie is now ONE year old. How the time flies... He is so close to walking he can taste it and that makes me a little nervous. He already gets into so much. I can only imagine how our lives will change with the quick feet of a toddler.  

3. I wonder if the My Dear Demons columns scare the kids a little. Not that I've put them permanently under the bed with a flashlight and a boxcar full of baggage to be dissected by their future therapist, but maybe they're scared just a little. I'll explain. When I talk to our Youth Group, they seem to have read the articles and even gotten something out of them, but nobody wants to ask Satan a question. When I set up Satan's email, I really thought I would be inundated in no time, but not one student has sent in a query. Perhaps there is still the vestige of an inkling that some things shouldn't be played with? One can only hope.

At least the Romans were honest persecutors.
4. The Persecution is Coming. Expect a longer post on this and the traitor Catholics who allowed it, but by now many of you are aware of the HHS requirement that contraceptives (including abortifacient drugs and sterilizations) be covered by all health plans even if it violates the conscience of religious employers. The State, which is ALWAYS right, has decided that religious freedom really isn't that important compared to the right to neuter ourselves. This is just the beginning. As people start to accept that freedom of religion is really freedom of belief (in your own head, so long as you do what the rest of us do in the "real" world), Christians and all other people of faith will slowly face exile from public life. Like THIS.

5. Our next youth group meeting is about Christianity Online. We are going to talk about some of the really neat opportunities the internet provides us with, along with the harm and danger that are constantly present. I thought it would be interesting to begin by showing the kids what life was like pre-internet. Then I found this. Enjoy.

After seeing that, take a look at where some people see us going....

6. We are still having a hard time getting Confirmation candidates to attend Mass. Not all of them (in fact, most are doing very well). We just have a few stubborn individuals who won't accept the third commandment.  I talked with my Pastor and we think we are going to take Jen's advice at Meditatio and implement Homily Notes. The kids will have to submit weekly reports on Sunday's homily to receive the sacrament.  

7. We are going to start having catechist dinners at the end of February. I am very pleased with this idea. We can build community and provide some formation for those teaching our next generation. Each dinner will provide childcare, a separate dinner for children, a short presentation and silent prayer in the Church. Their spouse is invited and it should be a good time for all. Our first topic is "Modern Day Miracles". Any ideas for future topics? 


  1. I bought an iMac last April and LOVE IT!! It still works like brand new. My pc laptop on the other hand is ALWAYS overheating! GRR! I looked at a macmini but you still had to buy a screen and keyboard and figured it would be the same as an imac.

    Homily Notes sounds like a good idea for EVERYONE! I once went to a lutheran service and they had these notes where you had to "fill in the blanks" while the priest was talking. I remember liking it and remembering what the priest talked about (half the times I never remember what the homily is about :( )

    I JUST went to a conference called Interactive Connections and it was about bringing technology into the church classroom. It was very well done.

  2. #1: I just got a new laptop. I also deal directly with HP on these things and don't buy from Best Buy or anywhere else like that.

    #5: KRON is one of the stations I grew up watching in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was seriously a blast from the past to see that. My dad also was one of the first on Compuserve which was based in Ohio. I have memories of the modem sounds coming from his office as I was going to sleep at night.

    #6: Let me know if you want help formulating the notes.

    1. Oh yes... there is now a religious exemption for the HHS mandate.

    2. Oops! Just found out that the USCCB is still not happy with the exemptions. *sigh* We tried.

    3. This is the same "religious exemption" they had from the beginning. It's a joke. Jesus couldn't pass this exemption. It basically requires us to stay in a ghetto and never interact with anyone else. Our parishes are safe (for now), but our Universities, charities, hospitals, and everything else we use to help others is required to buy something we consider evil. I'll have a post on this soon with more detail.

    4. yeah... i found this out after i left people a bunch of comments about it. i have some repenting to do in my quick takes next week.

      still, there's a year until it takes effect and given that it's an election year, i feel pretty positive about things getting fixed. after all, people want to get re-elected and catholics tend to be a large democrat voting bloc.

      the other thing is that if the insurance situation for the catholic church functioned the way it does for the rest of us, you'd get the exemption. protestant sects all have their own denominational insurance so we can opt out because the insurance is specific to our group.

  3. @Beth: yeah, I've heard good things about the macs. My PCs always overheat!