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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Dear Demons: Envy

Today's question comes from Junior Tempter Slublug. He asks: “With Valentine’s Day coming up, what is the best way to attack my teen?”

That is a very good question, Slublug! I think, for you, I will suggest Envy, but be cautious. Envy can quickly become a type of Holy Jealousy if the Enemy defeats you. Let me explain.

When your teen sees her classmates being asked out or given Valentines, you will be there whispering: “Why not you?” If she is asked out or given a Valentine, you will suggest that the other girls have “better” Valentines or “better” boys competing for their attention.

This is where the difficulty begins. Your task, Slublug, is to tempt your teen to hate the other girls because they have something she does not. You will tempt your teen to fantasize about these girls tripping or being humiliated publicly. If you are successful, she will learn to hate for the simple fact that another person is happy.

This is very different from what the Enemy would do. The Holy Jealousy I spoke of still acknowledges that other people have good things, but instead of teaching your teen to hate others for being happy, it will encourage her to seek that good for herself in what the Enemy says is the “right” way.

Take the case of a painter I once knew. I started to encourage him to hate his brother, who was a far better artist, but ultimately the Enemy won out and convinced him to practice painting even more. Inevitably, the artist found joy in looking at his brother’s work and became a much better artist than he would have been otherwise. We lost that soul to the Enemy. See that you don't lose your teen.

Non Serviam,     


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