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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 11)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 154)

1. YES! I know I've been gone almost a month, but I have good reason (plus I should be back to regular postings now). Essentially, I had a week long trip with my youth group to NCYC (where I got sick), then a week long trip back to North Carolina to visit my parents and in-laws, followed by a week of frantically catching up on both school work and Anyway, I should have some regular postings now that things are a little more calm.

Holy Mass at NCYC
2. Speaking of NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference), it was really good. I am hoping to have a whole post devoted to this topic soon, but what you need to know right now is that it is a gathering of about 25,000 Catholic teens and chaperones. It occurs every two years and it really gets the teens excited about their faith. If you use it right, it can be a good tool for building your youth group. If you use it poorly, it can be a great way to waste your funds giving a few kids an awesome party.

3. My wife and I are on a "negative news" fast for Advent. I think we both recognized that negative news was affecting our perspective a bit. I know for myself, a lot of the blogs and websites I was reading dealt with some pretty negative things. The sites and stories were not bad in and of themselves, but too much negativity starts to slant your world view and make you a little crabby. I confess that I have broken this fast a few times out of boredom, but generally I've held to it and I think it has been for the best. I'll try to let everyone know around Christmas how it ultimately went.  

4. I could use some prayers for someone I know who just found out she was pregnant (not my wife). She is a "high risk" pregnancy and it is still early so anything could happen. I just think this family has a lot of love to give and would do so well with another child. They could use some prayers for the mother and the safe delivery and health of the baby.

5. Speaking of babies, this latest news (quick take #4) has my wife thinking she has special fertility powers. Many women in our lives suddenly became pregnant in the time period surrounding my wife's pregnancy, including some very unexpected ones. Coincidence?   

6. I miss my family in North Carolina, but there are perks to living so far away. You say it's time to go Christmas shopping? OH! You mean it's time to send our moms a check for the presents they bought and wrapped for our siblings. Lazy? Yes. Ashamed? No.  

7. I hate cats. This Thanksgiving I spent several days in my in-law's house with my wife's old cat. I spent the first night wheezing (I'm allergic) and generally struggling to breath. Any recommendations for meds to help with a cat allergy?


  1. I LOVE NCYC! I went in 2003 when I was a senior in high school and it was an awesome experience! I've always wanted to go back but I've never been given the opportunity :(

    You know it's a great experience b/c my sister who now never goes to church but easter/xmas to this day STILL TALKS ABOUT how AWESOME it was!

    I found you through 7 quicktakes i hope to read more of your posts since you and my mom have the same job :)

  2. #1: glad to have you back. i've missed the updates on my google reader.

    #7: benadryl or claritin?

  3. @Catholic Couponer: Glad to have you. NCYC can be a great experience for the youth.

    @Jen: Thanks! Also, I had been using claritin, but it doesn't seem to work for me anymore.