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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 10)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 149)

1. It's been a weird news week. So, apparently this seven year old boy is a cross-dresser? Besides his parents allowing this behavior, which is awful, the Girl Scouts are actually accepting him as a member! Really? Are we really going to do this? Put next to My Princess Boy and Storm (the genderless baby), I think we need to seriously ask whether modern feminism seeks domination rather than equality. What are we doing to our future young men? There is a balance and, like it or not, masculinity is a good thing. If someone feels trapped in their own body then something is wrong with that person. We don't need to pretend gender doesn't exist, we need to help that person be ok with who they really are. If nothing else, this has sealed the deal for me and, if God so blesses us, our daughters will never be Girl Scouts.   

2. Speaking of unnatural and wrong, some dude has 150 kids thanks to his "donations". Now, thanks to situations like this, everyone who has been conceived via IVF gets to wonder if they are attracted to their sibling. Yeah! Well, at least when they aren't thinking about that identical sister mom chose to  kill. But it's ok, honey, mommy loves you because you were on the left. She much prefers the left.

3. That concludes the pessimistic doom saying portion of my quick takes. On a more joyful note, Eddie had a good first Halloween. We didn't go Trick or Treating because I felt weird, as a grown man, going door to door with a baby who could barely crawl. Still, he wore his costume and looked really cute. We even did Facetime via iphone so that Grandma got to see the fun.   

4. Unfortunately, not all phone conversations are fun. I have the distinct displeasure this week of calling all the Confirmation students who have been skipping Mass and explaining to their parents why, if they don't start coming to Mass, their children will not be Confirmed. Why is this so hard? This isn't a party for your kid. It is a sacrament of God's Holy Church to strengthen your child to live life as a Catholic in a dangerous world. A life which, I might add, holds as foundational the nourishment of the Holy Eucharist which is, except for extreme circumstances, only to be had at MASS. If I offered $500 to Mass attendees I would have a full Church every Sunday. Unfortunately all we have is the body and blood of the savior of the world.

5. Sorry, I went back to doom saying... I know that I said I was done, but I'm weak. Its been that type of week. I feel like righteously smiting something. Anyone have a dragon?

6. G.K. Chesterton Quote of the Week: “Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

7. In atonement for all my doom saying, I propose the counterweight of Nyan Cat!


  1. My my my... your Quick Takes are up early! (Mine aren't scheduled to post for another 30 minutes.)

    I have taken Daniel out trick-or-treating though the first year, it was more to show him off. Our church had a haunted hallway for the kids of the community to go through this year and they let Daniel go through with everyone's masks off.

    And I soooo feel your pain with Confirmation. I had the same problem and thankfully, the church council backed me up 100%. (Attendance was pretty much backed-up by sermon notes being completed.) I also never required the kids to get confirmed if they weren't ready. If they couldn't honestly affirm those baptismal vows or if they didn't feel ready, I was more than fine with them waiting. I never had one not be confirmed but I did have one who asked that she still be allowed to ask questions. (My husband and I were fine with that and we're still close to her 5 years later.)

  2. It's funny, I was just at Barnes and Noble and, sure enough, the 'pick of the month' in the children's section was a book that, you guessed it, was just another push from the current agenda of intolerance. Sigh...
    For one of your words of the week, could you do 'nuncio'? Have a terrific week!