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Friday, October 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 8)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 146)

1. My wife won't shut up about knitting socks. (She said to write that. Really.) She's knitting socks for my brother-in-law (Christmas) and they look really nice. She says its..."fair isle" knitting? I don't know what that means, but apparently she's never done it before and is very excited.

2. Eddie said his first word yesterday: "Da Da." My wife is trying to convince me he isn't really saying anything (just noises), but I'm not buying it. I said "Da Da?" and he responded "Da Da".  Done deal. He's also really getting into imitation. We're having a lot of fun asking him questions and getting him to shake his head "no." Maybe too much fun...

3. I had an important lesson about quality and quantity the other day. I had been preparing for a "Minute to Win It" youth group night for the middle school kids and only a handful actually came. I was a little annoyed, but decided to make the best of it. The kids seemed to really have a wonderful night, though, and I think they got a lot from it. At the end of the night, we went into the church (completely dark except for candles) and thanked God for everything He'd done for us. When I finished leading the prayer, I expected the kids to get up and start heading for the door, but they stayed and silently kept vigil with the Lord. After a few minutes I excused myself to clean up and the kids chose, on their own, to stay a little while longer in the front of the tabernacle in silent prayer. How wonderful!

4. I am still far from excited about my presidential options. I think my pastor hit it on the nose. He told me he sat down to watch some t.v. the other day and really needed a comedy. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw that Saturday Night Live was on and decided to watch their presidential debate parody. After a few minutes, he realized it was the actual debate! That about sums up my feelings too. Obama obviously needs to be out. He is the most radically anti-life, anti-religious liberty president we've ever had, but that doesn't mean his competition is that great either.

5. Speaking of anti-liberty policies, this hermit cannot accept donations. We are coming into a time of greater persecution. I don't know how the health care mandates forcing Catholics to go against their conscience will work out, but I know it is only the tip of the iceberg. The solution? Pray for our leaders. Radically live the gospel. History has shown us that the Church generally benefits from such things. My view? The more pressure that is applied, the more Christian denominations will grow closer together and become stronger for it.

6. Off to work in a moment. I am going to try to create some events for catechists to continue their own religious education and get some time apart from the kids. I think we'll have the youth group provide child care and cater a decent dinner. I'll have to check the budget.

7. I am actually up early enough to where I think this could be first (or very close) on the Conversion Diary list. Wow.

UPDATE: Per number seven, how early are you people getting up? Goodness.


  1. #1: fair-isle is a big deal -- it involves multiple colors being changed and a number of tricky stitches... at least that's what my knitting friends tell me.

    #4: i disagree with you on obama but i agree that the gop needs to find someone better as his competition. i'm actually thankful that we don't have cable or satellite because i think i'd be throwing things at the tv if i was watching the debate.

    #5: the federal charity number is actually a matter of the hermitage being a 501(c)3 organization or not. all that does is designate it as an organization that is tax-exempt. such organizations can't participate in politics (i.e. they can't endorse a candidate or tell people to vote a certain way) but that's it. as far as being required to cover contraception or abortiofacents, contraception would be covered but aborteofacents like r.u. 486 would not. there's a difference clinically between the pill and r.u. 486. i have to think that there would be some way of getting a religious exemption?

    #7: the quick takes post on goes up at midnight cdt. i'm on the west coast so it's 10 p.m. my time, making it fairly easy to be #1 or at least in the top ten.

  2. I disagree with Jen about #4 and agree with you. While I am far from happy for the prospects of a great GOP president, almost anyone would be better than Obama.

    I told my friends that I would vote for a rock over him and can make a strong case why that would be far better.

  3. @Jen:You may not be aware, but this has been a big deal in the Catholic community recently. The new regulations for the health care law will essentially be forcing our institutions to provide contraceptives, sterilizations and, yes, abortifacients. The problem is that the religious exemption provided only applies if we primarily serve/hire in our own community. Basically, we are hearing "keep to yourselves and we'll leave you alone." Our mission not only requires us to spread the Gospel to non-believers, but to help all mankind. Our universities, charities, hospitals... none could use this exemption. It feels a lot like we are being forced into a ghetto; weeded out. We've already had to pull out of adoption in many places because of a lack of conscience protections.

  4. @George: I think a Rock would be better, but he lives in Rome.