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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Dear Demons: Lust

By: Satan

Junior Tempters, I’d like to speak about a subject close to my heart today: Lust. No doubt, you’ve all been schooled in the general idea, but I want to focus on the real point of this great sin.

The Enemy has made both objects and people. He wants His creatures to both enjoy using the objects they have and to love one another. He considers this "good". Our job is to reverse the order He began. Make your teen love objects and use people. That is the purpose of Lust.

Lust helps us to turn the opposite sex into an object, and not just in the obvious way! When this sin is embraced by your teens, it carries over into everything else. Parents become tools to get things instead of a mother and father to love. Friends are chosen based on what they have and the poor and weak are ignored. Yes, push Lust, my denizens, and you will see the world become a store, communities become a marketplace and people become commodities!

                                -Non Serviam, Satan

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