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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Dear Demons: Advice for Junior Tempters

By: Satan

Just a quick lesson today, my dear demons. If you achieve nothing else, guide your teens to an extreme dependence on gadgets. Internet, video games, texting, TV: it all works.Two things will happen. First, they will lose all patience. They will be so used to instant information and pleasure that books without pictures and conversations longer than “Hi” will become so boring they will lose interest right away. This will make prayer to the Enemy almost impossible for them and greatly increase our chances of ushering them home to ME.  Secondly, these gadgets give your teens the illusion of love. It makes them feel connected with other people, but leaves them without a truly satisfying relationship. If you do this correctly, your teens will talk to people all day online and still feel terribly alone.  -Non Serviam, Satan

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  1. "Especially when it's mass, make sure the kids are glued to a hand-held; then, dear demons, we can really distract from God and right in His presence!"

  2. what does it say about the parents that the kids have handhelds in church?!?!?!?!?

    unless the new roman missal is uploadable onto a kindle or nook, i can't see any use for them.