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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Special Guest Blogger

Never underestimate a novelty. When I came to this parish, we had no youth group to speak of. I quickly set about trying to form one, but I found participation... lacking. I really had to compete to get everyone's attention and I found that novelty was the best way. Blacklight Volleyball, wearing Sackcloth to Mass, and lots and lots of pop, chips and pizza. Now, again, this is the door to enter by, not the house to live in. Novelty needs to serve a purpose besides getting butts in seats. This leads us to my newest project: My Dear Demons. Starting in about one week, our youth group newsletter will feature an advice column by Satan. He will be instructing subordinate demons in how to ensnare young Catholics, while taking questions from readers. I thought, while I was at it, I might as well let him guest blog here. So, without further delay, Satan...

My Dear Demons: Advice for Junior Tempters
By: Satan

Greetings to my fellow demonic denizens! It is with great pride (my favorite vice) that I announce my new advice column for Junior Tempters. As many of you know, our Junior Tempters have the important job of ensuring that young Catholics start off on the right path. They protect young souls from the Enemy until, when the time is right, they can be led home to their Infernal Father.  This column will offer advice on how we tempt the young, along with my personal answers to questions from local readers. To submit a question, email me at:

You can ask anything, but some examples might include: “How do we fight off a Guardian Angel?” OR “What is your favorite book?” 
                                 -Non Serviam, Satan

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