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Friday, August 12, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday


All the books are in for this year's religious education classes. Father says he thinks I am the only one who gets excited about new textbooks, but to be fair we have some great ones! Faith and Life series for K-8, Didache for high school and YouCat for 10th grade. I also got some neat bibles to give away to the sixth graders. Excited? You bet!


Baby Eddie has the sniffles. It is way more sad than I could have imagined. Nothing else is wrong. He just looks up with his big eyes, sniffs, and baby coughs. It is a good thing he can't talk yet, because after seeing that I think I would cave for any request.


I came across this really great video on the new Mass Translation at Creative Minority Report. I am already hearing some grumblings about "change" at our parish (though most people seem open to it), but I think if we can have this type of joyful and informative take on what is happening everything will be just fine. Besides, I know my wife and I can't wait until Advent 2011!


Cocoa Krispies don't have an equivalent generic brand. They don't. I can tell the difference. Believe me, I'd love to get a generic brand, but it just isn't happening. (If you can tell the difference too then please leave a comment for my wife.)


C.S. Lewis wrote a sci-fi trilogy? Why didn't I know this? I just got "Out of the Silent Planet", the first of the series, and I am really looking forward to reading it when I get the time.


My sister just got a job teaching 8th grade science. I'm really proud of her, but she could use some prayers since this is her first full-time teaching job.


Special thanks to Creative Minority Report for linking to my "Spirit of Vatican II, Baby!" post. And thanks to Conversion Diary for hosting.

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