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Thursday, August 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (2)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 139)

7 Things not to say when your pastor asks why you were not at Mass...

1. That's EVERY Sunday!?

2.  You went to St. Peter's because they were having donuts.

3. No time for that! We have to get back to the future!

4. Remind him that you only have to come on Christmas and Easter.

5. Look around suspiciously and then slip him a piece of paper with a time and location you don't intend to be at.

6. Tell him you were hunting and therfore closer to God than if you were in this "building." (I've actually heard this one before.)

And the worst thing of all to say....

7.  Its ok, I went to the Lutheran church!


  1. Serious spit-take here because I *AM* Lutheran (and a pastor's wife to boot). #1,2, and 6 are totally plausible because my husband used to serve rural parishes.

    True story: we had a number of "mixed" Lutheran-Catholic marriages in our last parish in Montana. Usually, the deal is that the kids are raised Catholic but we had some farm families that refused to let their kids do that so they'd attend worship at the Lutheran church and catch a midweek Mass or something. (First communions were a BIG deal in this parish for obvious reasons.) There was one couple where the husband was from a family of 12 kids and whose mother had told him that he needed to start communing and she didn't care where. So... he started communing at the Lutheran church (which is verboten, I know) as long as the host was given on the tongue.

    Fast forward to my husband's first Sunday: this guy has to let my husband know the arrangement so he went to him and said "you have to tongue me." He went back to his seat and then realized that he'd said and the connotations of it. My husband understood what he'd said (and the context) and it wasn't a big deal but we still laugh about it (and share that story) 6 years later.

  2. First, that is a funny story! I can imagine what your husband must have been thinking. Second, if you had a spit-take then I hope your computer is ok, but please know I didn't wish to give offense. I have been a little frustrated lately because we have a rather large problem with exactly what you are referring to. We have a lot of mixed marriages where people promise to raise their children Catholic and then don't (essentially lying to get a "Catholic" wedding). No one forces these people to be Catholic (or Lutheran for that matter), but when someone insists on that title it is very frustrating to see them throw away everything it means. This is especially true for the Eucharist, which is the source and summit or our faith.